FDP cum Workshop on “Creative Content to Social Media” by Mr. Hemant Bhati, Creative Head, Gunin Media, Jaipur.

S. S. Jain Subodh Management Institute organized 5 Days Faculty Development Program cum Workshop on “Innovation & Technology in Digital Pedagogy” from 20th-24th May 2024. On day third,

Mr. Hemant Bhati (Creative Director & Founder, Clapping Joker Films, Gunin Media) delivered a session on "Creating Engaging Content for Social Media using Smartphones" which included basics of photography & videography techniques that can be deployed to capture interesting and engaging content for our social media uploads. 

The content of this interactive workshop was very impressive and also very helpful for the content creators for their day to day content development needs, whether they are creating content for fun or they are engaged into some business or professional activities online.

Mr. Hemant Bhati delivered some very basic but useful tips that can make the quality and visual appeal of the pictures or videos more engaging and eye-catching, hence increasing the scope of getting more audience on your social media platforms in day to day engagement.

The webinar covered some important aspects of photography and videography like compositions, shots, exposure and contrast, camera movements and many other related topics.

This session will certainly help students, professionals or even home makers in creating better quality content for social media platforms.