FDP cum Workshop on “Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing for Higher Education” by Ms. Subuhi Akhtar, Director, Suhaiza India Pvt Ltd., Jaipur.

S. S. Jain Subodh Management Institute organized 5 Days Faculty Development Program cum Workshop on “Innovation & Technology in Digital Pedagogy” from 20th-24th May 2024. On day second, Ms. Subuhi Akhtar (Entrepreneur) was the keynote speaker and delivered a session on “Learning of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing for Higher Education”. Ms. Subuhi Akhtar from The Scribe Inc. delivered an insightful presentation on leveraging AI in digital marketing for higher education. She highlighted how AI can revolutionize marketing efforts by targeting diverse audiences more effectively, maintaining brand reputation, and navigating regulatory constraints.

Ms. Subuhi Akhtar explained that AI facilitates personalized communication, enhancing engagement with prospective students, current students, and alumni. She also emphasized the role of AI in monitoring online presence and performing sentiment analysis, ensuring a strong and positive brand image for institutions. Additionally, AI tools assist in compliance with regulations and maintaining ethical marketing practices, which are critical for higher education.

The presentation incorporated an interactive approach, including live Q&A sessions to engage attendees and address specific questions, and live AI applications to demonstrate practical applications of AI in, faculty development and higher education marketing.

By adopting AI-driven strategies, Akhtar conveyed that institutions can significantly improve the educational experience for students, faculty, and administrators, making them more efficient and competitive.