FDP cum Workshop on “Three Secrets to Personal Healthy Wellness by Mr. Aatish Lodha, Founder, Gifting Memories, Jaipur

S. S. Jain Subodh Management Institute organized 5 Days Faculty Development Program cum Workshop on “Innovation & Technology in Digital Pedagogy” from 20th-24th May 2024. On day fourth, Mr. Aatish Lodha (Founder of Gifting Memories) was the keynote speaker and delivered a session on which he focused on giving enrichment knowledge of Canva. He introduced the session with a brief knowledge to @Canva: DIGITAL DESIGN One of the most powerful uses of Canva for Education is Lesson Plan creation. Whether you’re brainstorming teaching ideas, outlining a lesson plan, composing instructional text, creating lecture slides, designing visual aids, or simply experimenting with different ways to present concepts—Canva makes it easy to visualize and create effective lessons. Students can use Canva to design and create their own learning portfolios to better visualize and record their learning.

Learning portfolios can help students in a number of ways: to keep a personal record of one’s learning throughout a class or several classes; to assess and reflect on their own learning process; or to refer to while deciding on a college major, creating a CV, or applying for a job.