FDP cum Workshop on “Time Management & Productivity in Life” by Mr. Adityanath Sharma, Founder, Nineth Space, Jaipur.

S. S. Jain Subodh Management Institute organized 5 Days Faculty Development Program cum Workshop on “Personal Wellness and Work Life Balance” from 13th-17th May 2024. On day third, Mr. Adityanath Sharma (Entrepreneur) was the keynote speaker and delivered a session on “Time Management and Productivity in Life.”

Mr. Adityanath spoke about efficient Time Management skills through working upon emotions and Brain patterns. He emphasized upon practicing the theory of One Moment at a time, All moments in Succession thereby managing the anxiety and emotional triggers generated due to multi tasking scenarios we face in daily lives.

The session also saw personal anecdotal experience by Adityanath, wherein he used intellectual prowess and brain mapping as tool to understand oneself. Mr. Adityanath also shared technological tools available these days to be adopted in terms of developing efficiency when it comes to increasing productivity in our lives.